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Intensive Parenting Workshops: 1-2 Day Training

Healing Trauma Through Loving Relationships

Child are hurt through hurtful relationships. They are healed through relationships. But often their responses to our attempts to care and nurture result in responses that can be hurtful to us and cause us to react to their behavior. This workshop will help us identify key aspects of working with these very hurting children including how to modulate our reactions to behaviors and move to intentionally build healing relationships with our children.

Proactive Parenting

Shift from reacting to behavior to responding when correcting behavior to changing the home environment so that behavior challenges are eliminated before they happen. How do we eliminate yelling, correcting, demanding from our reactions to children’s behaviors? How can we set the environment so that children can succeed and make good choices and effectively learn from mistakes?  Proactive parenting assists parents to change the structure and their responses to their children so that we can create an environment at home of support, success and safety.

Intentional Parenting

Busyness often robs us of time with what is most precious – our children. How do we determine to make each moment intentional? What are some ideas of what it means to be an intentional parent? As we become focused on our children and see the eternal value of investing in their lives we can learn to prioritize our lives to be more intentional in our parenting and our relationships with our children.

Parenting Through The Lens Of Attachment

Health attachment is critical for healthy lives. Parenting through the lens of attachment shifts the focus of parenting to building emotionally healthy relationships with our children. Attachment occurs through our five senses. Enhancing our skills in building attachments through intentional activities will build our attachment and relationships with our children. The impact of a child with a close relationship with a parent is a child with fewer behavioral issues and greater lifelong success.


Additional Workshops (1.5 – 3 hour workshops)
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  • Managing Anger
  • Brain-Based Parenting
  • Nurturing Parenting
  • Building a Safe Harbor in Your Home
  • Providing a Secure Base for Children
  • Building Attachments with Older Youth
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Building the Bonds of Relationships
  • Sexual Abuse of Children
  • Emotional and Behavioral Needs of Children
  • The Effects of Abuse and Neglect on Normal Development
  • Enjoy Your Teen
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Hanging on Through the Turbulent Teens